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Telehealth, PK+ MyVideoJoin™ and Your Practice Today

Telehealth, PK+ MyVideoJoin™ and Your Practice Today

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2020 marks a serious change in the need and drivers for telehealth and telemedicine.

For the record, the World Health Organization (WHO) defines telemedicine as delivery of healthcare services where distance is a critical factor.

So even if mass quarantines for COVID-19 (Coronavirus disease 2019) are not put in place, recommendations are for patients with symptoms of the virus to stay at home and not to visit their primary care physician or the local Emergency Department. Besides handwashing, not touching one’s face, and cough etiquette; the best preventative practice for patients with concerns about symptoms will be self-isolation – basically staying at home.

Also note that the president signed an $8.3B emergency funding measure to stem the ongoing coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) outbreak, which includes a provision to lift restrictions on telehealth services for Medicare beneficiaries and insurance covering services provided by Telemedicine.

How Can We Help?

TCE Group provides solutions that allow healthcare providers to remotely interact with patients in exactly these circumstances. Consider if it makes sense for your practice to investigate PK+ Telehealth Suite which includes PK+ MyVideoJoin™, a purpose-built telehealth video chat tool. Full details are available at

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