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IQ Conference 2020 - Integra and QS/1

IQ Conference 2020 - Integra and QS/1

Smarter Together 

-Immersive Product Training

-Cross-Market Education

-12+ CE Credits Available

-Courses for: Community, Institutional, HME/DME

The IQ Conference is an immersive event created for you by Integra and QS/1. Built to educate, inspire, and spark new ideas, IQ builds on the belief that we are stronger and smarter together. 

Let Jon Acuff ignite your success with our four techniques every business needs to navigate change. Take a class on expanding your pharmacy into a new market. Understand how data analytics can unviel overlooked areas for profit. Whatever your goals, IQ will meet them. 

Louisville, KY | May 12-15

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