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Wingate University School of Pharmacy would like to congratulate Dr. Andrew Schoof, 2015-2016 Hendersonville Preceptor of the Year!


Andrew Schoof

2015-2016 Hendersonville Preceptor of the Year

Wingate University School of Pharmacy Hendersonville Campus is proud to recognize

Dr. Andrew Schoof as our student selected 2015-2016 Preceptor of the Year. Dr. Schoof

serves as the Pharmacy Manager at Blue Ridge Community Pharmacy

in Hendersonville, NC. He has formally precepted for WUSOP since

2015, in addition to serving as a guest lecturer for P1 students. In his

short time as preceptor here at WUSOP, Dr. Schoof has become highly

regarded by the students for his ability to go above and beyond, as

well as his love for teaching.

When describing the rotation experience with Dr. Schoof, the following

comments were written by students.


"Dr. Schoof is an excellent teacher and mentor. It is evident he has a passion for

teaching and goes out of his way to ensure that students learn while at his site.”

"He is very passionate about his patient population and it truly shows through his kind

demeanor and willingness to help and counsel all patients that he serves.”

"Dr. Schoof makes every effort to utilize the students’ time while always creating a

positive learning environment. He treats his students as equals, has many teaching

moments but in a laid back environment that makes students feel more comfortable and

less stressed.”

If you are a pharmacist interested in becoming a Wingate University

preceptor for the Hendersonville campus and would like more information,

please contact:

Andrew Schoof

Bobbie Williamson, PharmD, BCACP, CDE

Regional Practice Experience Director and Assistant Professor of Pharmacy

(828) 697-0105 |

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