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Pharmacy Software for Pharmacy Success by Liberty Software

Pharmacy Software for Pharmacy Success by Liberty Software

A pharmacy management solution that helps community retail pharmacies enhance customer service, improve profitability, and increase patient safety.

Company Background

Liberty Software is an independent software company serving retail pharmacies across America. We develop software and technology that helps community pharmacies be successful in today’s marketplace.

At Liberty Software we work hard to make sure our pharmacies are satisfied and happy. To do this, we have brought together a team of individuals who are experienced with pharmacy and technology, and just as important, are friendly and helpful.

Product Overview

Here at Liberty, we believe that we have created a revolutionary pharmacy software platform. Why do we say that? It’s not just the technology, although it is built on Microsoft’s newest technology. It’s not just the feature list, although it is comprehensive. More than anything, we believe that it is the user experience. Prescriptions can be filled quickly and accurately. Many pharmacists have told us it is the easiest system they have ever used.

How long does it take to teach new employees how to operate your existing pharmacy software? Pharmacies using Liberty have found that new employees can often begin filling scripts immediately, with little to no training. It’s just that simple. A well-designed pharmacy system should make your employees more productive and happier. When you do need help, it’s only a phone call or mouse click away.


-Organize Your Pharmacy

-Fill More Scripts Without Adding Staff

-Improve Customer Service

-Streamline Your Workflow

-Manage and Improve Profits

-Increase Patient Safety


-Flexible Workflow to Fit Your Pharmacy

-Proactive Patient Adherence Tools

-Five-Star Dashboard

-Auto Refills

-Extensive Compounding Toolset

-Advanced Bin Management

-AWP Reclaim to Rebill Outdated AWP Scripts

-Manufacture Coupon Management

-Inventory Control Made Easy

-Simple Accounts Receivable

-Insurance Audit Report

-User Customizable Prescription Labels

-Monitor DIR Fees

-Pharmacy Task Management

-Document Management

-Flexible DataViews to Drill Down on Data

-Integrated Pharmacy Point of Sale

-Modern Payment Processing Including EMV and ApplePay

-Pseudoephedrine Real-Time Monitoring

-Cloud Powered Multi-Store Management


“ Liberty Software is easy to learn, has lots of great user options and the support is phenomenal!” — Brian Erickson, Freedom Pharmacy

“ I have been with Liberty for a number of years and they have kept up with our industry. I would recommend them to any independent.” — Scott Palmer, A&P Pharmacy

“ We really enjoy the point-of-sale system. It has given us absolute accountability. The delivery features and signature capture has really made life easier for us.” — Bill Mattson, Ballin Pharmacy

Pharmacy Point of Sale Built In

For your pharmacy, point-of-sale software needs to be more than cash drawer management for your front-end. For your patients, it should enable your staff to provide better service. For you, it should result in better accountability, assistance with HIPAA compliance, and improved pharmacy management. These are values that not just any point-of-sale package can deliver. That’s why we developed ours from the ground up, designed especially for community pharmacies’ needs. Liberty’s point of sale is not simply an add-on to your pharmacy system, but a completely integrated solution.

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