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BestRx Pharmacy Software – The Best Choice in Pharmacy Management Software

BestRx Pharmacy Software – The Best Choice in Pharmacy Management Software

BestRx delivers the best value with easy-to-use, complete pharmacy management software solutions, that can be tailored to the needs of independent, community pharmacies. Our goal is to help pharmacies enhance efficiency and profitability, leaving more time for what matters most – patients.

Company Background

Our company began in 1985 when Computer Programmer and BestRx founder Yogesh Desai helped his pharmacist friend by designing a simple pharmacy software system to help manage his business more efficiently. They worked together on sharing ideas, problem-solving, and creating, which is still our standard practice today. For two generations, we have studied the unique needs of independent pharmacy owners, staff, and patients. We are dedicated to delivering the best value in innovative, easy-to-use, complete pharmacy solutions tailored to your business needs. We always put you and your patients at the center of everything we do. Our expertise is informed by our strong connection to our family of pharmacists. We know what you need, and we work closely with you and our partners to ensure we’re always providing the best solutions possible. We are relentlessly committed to your success.

Product Overview

Our product suite is designed to help your business be more profitable and competitive. The BestRx™ Pharmacy Management System, our signature product, is a Windows-based pharmacy management system that will help you manage your pharmacy more effectively by simplifying tasks such as claims processing, inventory management, reporting, and much more. BestRx™ is powerful, feature-rich, and easy-to-use; a complete pharmacy software solution. We are moving from a pill centric model to a more patient-centric model focusing on patient engagement, pharmacy growth, adherence and star ratings, chronic care management, easy reimbursement, and comprehensive medical reviews.

Features & Options

-BestPOS: We deliver tailored, easy-to-use solutions for the best value in the industry. Our point-of-sale system is a Windows-based application that is fully integrated with our BestRx Pharmacy Software System to help boost your efficiency and profitability. BestPOS is reliable and easy to use; minimal training is needed to familiarize yourself with the software. Pairing the BestPOS System with the BestRx System is a smart way to maximize your pharmacy’s efficiency and customer satisfaction.

-Electronic Signature Capture: Capture signatures electronically with an electronic sig pad for in store pickups, or a mobile tablet device for delivery prescriptions.

-Rx Image Scanning and Document Management: With the Rx Image scanning feature, you can store prescription images on your computer. This expedites and simplifies the prescription verification workflow, as well as securely retains your prescription images digitally. In addition to scanning Rx images you can also scan and attach specific documents to a patient’s file, drug’s file, prescriber’s file, insurance plan’s file, or prescriptions themselves.

-Nursing Home Module: Pharmacists can maintain multiple nursing homes’ information in BestRx. Patients can be assigned to a unique nursing home, while pharmacists can print medication administration records (MAR’s), physician’s order forms, or multi-dose or unit-dose packaging using the Dispill or Parata PASS Interface. We even offer E-MAR subscription services.

-Messaging Services: This feature allows you to send automated and customized email or text messages to your patients to provide pertinent information to them. This information can vary including their medications, refills, or insurance coverage change. Messaging interface will increase customer interaction and engagement and inspire patient retention.

-Cloud Backup: Performed nightly after your pharmacy has closed, this additional feature helps ensure you never lose data again. It is simple to setup and very affordable. It even sends notifications to your email regarding your data backup.

-Med-Sync: Align patient refills to provide convenience and increase medication adherence.


“BestRx is the best software in the industry, period. They have the quickest response time, friendliest workers and all these at the best price in the industry. Your bills are the ones I eagerly and gladly pay each month because your service deserves every penny you ask for.” — Adolphus Akaniru, Dollex Pharmacy, Tampa FL

Trade Shows/Meetings Attended

PDS Super-Conference, American Pharmacist Association Annual Meeting, Cardinal RBC Conference, Thoughtspot AmerisourceBergen, NCPA, and various state pharmacy association shows.

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