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Omnicell Solutions Optimize Workflow Efficiency and Increase Accuracy [VIDEO]

Omnicell Solutions Optimize Workflow Efficiency and Increase Accuracy

Streamlined automation, medication adherence packaging, labeling, and consumable solutions help pharmacies improve overhead, compliance, and efficiency while reducing inventory and labor costs.

Company Background

Medication nonadherence increasingly threatens public health. Pharmacists are positioned to address this problem and improve patient outcomes, but they are often bogged down by manual tasks.

Omnicell is empowering pharmacists to radically transform the way they manage medications so they can achieve the vision of the Autonomous Pharmacy.

Our goal is to move pharmacists to the center of patient care where they can practice at the top of their license, using a combination of advanced automation, data intelligence, and service solutions.

Product Overview

Omnicell is uniquely positioned to offer our valued pharmacy partners an unprecedented suite of patient care solutions for long-term growth and sustainability.

-Improve Outcomes with Patient Multimed Adherence Cards

SureMed® by Omnicell Multimed Blister Cards are designed to improve patient adherence by clearly organizing multiple medications in an easy-to-follow format that provides instant visual reinforcement of what to take and when.

    -Easy-to-understand, clearly marked day-of-the-week and time passes.

    -Tamper-evident, easy-to-puncture backing shows if medications were taken properly.

    -Booklet style provides ample real estate for branding and script label(s).

-Increase Hand-Packing Accuracy and Gain More Patients

Omnicell’s easy-to-use Guided Packing Software lets pharmacies provide adherence packaging services quickly and with very little investment. Guided Packing is a cloud-based software solution that increases the accuracy of hand packing and includes a consolidated label for SureMed Multimed Perforated Cards to help pharmacies give caregivers and patients an easy way to improve medication adherence and overall health.

    -Guided interface provides a high level of confidence in packing accuracy.

    -Integrates with pharmacy management systems so there is no need for double data entry.

    -Creates consolidated label with patient information and medication dosing instructions.

    -Ability to print pharmacy logo or coupon directly on the front of the card to increase brand awareness and customer loyalty.

-Improve Medication Management with High-Quality Single Dose Blister Cards

Omnicell offers an extensive variety of heat seal and cold seal blister cards for single dose packaging of medications for institutional pharmacies servicing long-term care, assisted-living, and correctional facilities. By providing top-of-the-line single dose blister cards to your facilities, you’ll be helping improve medication management, the patient experience, and ultimately medication-related patient outcomes.

-Flexible, Single Dose Automation to Increase Productivity and Profits

The AccuFlex® Single Dose Automation accurately fills and labels a variety of patient-specific single-dose medication blister cards based on incoming prescriptions. It helps pharmacies improve operational efficiency and reduce inventory and labor costs. The AccuFlex fills many types of medication packaging, such as 14- and 16-dose cards, Opti-Pak, 30- and 31-day blister cards and reclaimable unit dose packaging.


“Guided Packing is integral to workflow and offers real solutions to issues such as traceability and packing accuracy.” — Alec Gilles, General Manager Buffalo Pharmacy

“What we value most about [our AccuFlex] is the partnership [it] brought with Omnicell. This is a company that stands behind their machines as well as their partners. Their support for their customers is excellent, and we are so glad that we took a giant leap forward with Omnicell by our side.” — Jenna Merchant, Director of Operations, Shared Pharmacy

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