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MCPHS University Thanks Saumil J. Patel!


MCPHS University Thanks Saumil J. Patel., PharmD.


Saumil J. Patel graduated from MCPHS University with his PharmD degree in 2007 and has developed a successful Medication Therapy Management (MTM) service for Walgreens in Roslindale, Massachusetts. He is currently the District MTM Leader for Walgreens in the Boston district. He is energetic and passionate about providing MTM throughout his tenure at Walgreens and has been an advocate of changing our culture to relational from transactional. The formation of Medication Therapy Management has been the niche of his practice. He realizes as the pharmacy profession continues to evolve, and as pharmacists keep pushing to become recognized as health care providers, MTM will very likely prove to be at the foundation of such growth. Saumil is offering MCPHS University students, both IPPE and APPE, the opportunity to be involved in MTM delivery while completing community rotations. He also offers a specialty APPE elective rotation in MTM and depending on the ability of the APPE student, to be involved in the completion of the entire MTM case. Utilizing pharmacy students and offering the students the opportunity to practice MTM will benefit not only a pharmacy and its MTM-eligible patients, but it will also help pharmacy students learn and be able to utilize MTM in their future. MCPHS University would like to thank Saumil for his dedication to providing students this MTM rotation opportunity.

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