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AmerisourceBergen for Long-Term Care Pharmacies [VIDEO]

AmerisourceBergen for Long-Term Care Pharmacies

“AmerisourceBergen provides superior product access…Our pharmacy staff members love ABC Order for its ease of use and user-friendly platform. The customer service and high-level of communication from our AmerisourceBergen Account Executives have been a value-added change.” — Amy Messner, Synergy Pharmacy Services

Your priority is helping patients. Our priority is supporting you.

“The success of your long-term care pharmacy is our priority, and you deserve more than just a best-in-class distributor. You need a partner who respects your independence and delivers solutions to enable you to focus on what you do best: providing unmatched, quality care to your community.” — Brenda Axe, Vice President, Long-Term Care Segment

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