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Make the Most of ASCP Membership, Take Advantage of Member Benefits, and Explore Ways to Get Involved- ASCP [VIDEO]

Maximize your Membership

Make the most of ASCP membership, take advantage of member benefits, and explore ways to get involved.

Build Your Awareness.

One of the most practical benefits of ASCP membership is valuable, trustworthy information on demand. As an ASCP member, you will no longer have to track down sources and wonder about their merit in order to keep current on clinical research, best practices, recent case studies, industry news, and other vital information.

Build Your Readiness.

ASCP membership gives you direct access to regulatory and compliance resources so you can stay on top of federal legislation and regulatory issues. ASCP NOW and ASCP’s Grassroots Network clarify agency rules and regulations so you can prepare confidently for inspections and avoid unintended violations.

Build Your Skills.

Through our premier event, the ASCP Annual Meeting & Exhibition, online courses, recertification preparation, face-to-face learning, and other accredited continuing education, ASCP membership delivers opportunities (and savings!) that keep your skills sharp and ever-expanding.

Build Your Career.

ASCP membership connects you with colleagues in group discussions and one-on-one networking. For entrepreneurs, ASCP offers resources to start and manage your own consultant practice.

Join ASCP today and save

$25, use code RXINSIDER25.

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