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Enhanced Care for High-Risk Patients More Susceptible to COVID-19

Enhanced Care for High-Risk Patients More Susceptible to COVID-19

Mevesi has reports you can run to better serve high-risk patients. With every click, your pharmacy is creating data. It’s time to know what you’ve got.

You can proactively improve patient care. Take advantage of data that can identify seniors and others who have underlying medical conditions that can cause serious complications from COVID-19.*

Refill Requests, Refill Too Soon

Use med sync to efficiently fill all medications for a patient at one time or in groups to minimize patient trips for pick up or multiple deliveries.

High-Risk Patients

Use therapeutic classes to determine high-risk patients and put PMS-specific reports together to capture the details available in your pharmacy’s data.

Therapeutic Class:


-Heart Disease

-Lung Disease


-High-Risk Medications (Beers List)

-Patient Age

Drug Supply Management and Inventory Control

Use reports to ensure sufficient orders from drug wholesalers to fill upcoming medications.

“You name it, Mevesi can help you identify it. In less than five minutes you can build a dashboard that shows data across all systems. This tool allows us to identify anything that could be slowing financial progress. We have identified new avenues of potential revenue and productivity.” -Rusty Lee, Senior Vice President, Ancillary Services, Community Health Services of Georgia

"At Mevesi, we know COVID-19 has impacted the way you provide service to your customers. We want to help. Our team has built a series of custom reports to help you identify high-risk patients who have refills past due or upcoming refills. We hope this information allows you to provide special accommodations to keep those who are most vulnerable safe. We suggest reaching out to patients identified on the reports to ensure they have a low-risk way to get their medications (e.g., delivery, curbside pickup, or drive through)." -Amber Moffitt | Product Manager, Mevesi®

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