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Helmer Scientific, a Noblesville, Indiana Business Supplies Critical Medical Equipment for COVID-19 Pandemic

Helmer Scientific, a Noblesville, Indiana business who designs and manufactures essential medical-grade temperature-controlled storage and processing products, is actively producing critical medical equipment for our healthcare customers, including equipment needed for the fight against COVID-19. This equipment, which includes pharmacy and laboratory refrigerators and freezers, is essential to healthcare providers to safeguard critical medications, vaccines, blood therapies, and patient samples. As an essential service provider of medical equipment for hospitals in all 50 states, and in over 135 countries globally, our FDA/GMP design and manufacturing facility remains in operation as our products are more important than ever for our healthcare customers.

As our healthcare customers locally, nationally and globally respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, Helmer Scientific is receiving orders for emergency equipment needed to support COVID-19 testing and treatment. We are working with urgency, passion and purpose every day to support the work our customers are doing on the front lines to combat this unprecedented pandemic.

We continue to adapt new best practices to protect the health of team members and the community, acting in accordance to recommendations from the CDC and the state and federal government, so that we can continue to fulfill critical orders.

We are proud to provide product that is helping fight the COVID-19 pandemic and are committed to supporting our caregivers in their life-saving work.

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