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Coronavirus Spreads, Patient Safety Top of Mind - Fagron Sterile Services

Coronavirus Spreads, Patient Safety Top of Mind

Fagron Sterile Services US (FSS) has implemented measures to respond to the global concern for the Novel Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) and the resulting disease (COVID-19). We are committed to supplying our customers, and the patients they serve, with a 503B outsourced compounding solution they can rely on.

At FSS, we are actively monitoring our supply chain for potential impacts due to escalation in the outbreak of the virus. 

As the Coronavirus affects more regions around the world, FSS continues to monitor the situation closely, establishing protocols and guidelines to minimize the impact whenever possible to our employees, our sites, our business partners and our supply.

We are following guidance outlined by the WHO, CDC and governments of impacted countries, many of which have made hygiene and safety recommendations and implemented transportation restrictions. We have a preparedness plan and are ready to act as necessary. 

Supply Chain

FSS is committed to ensuring access to our products and has performed a general risk assessment of our products and the raw materials in the supply chain. What we have learned and been able to determine in our evaluation is that our supply chain is generally secure.

However, we are taking all necessary measures to mitigate risk including finding alternative suppliers, inventory control, and have engaged in continuous communication with our vendors.

We have not experienced any significant disruption to the availability of our products to date. We continue to monitor our raw materials supply and will provide updates as appropriate.

Travel and Meetings

For our employee’s safety and wellbeing and in anticipation of your organization implementing guidelines as well, we are limiting travel. We will leverage virtual meeting technology where appropriate. We are restricting access to all our sites with the exception of regulatory agencies and auditors.

Thank you for your patience as we work through this challenging time. We will update you as this situation evolves and continue our commitment to meeting your 503B compounding needs.

Questions? For additional details, please call 1.877.405.8066 or email

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