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See What Your Peers are Saying About the Eyecon 9420 - Rx Systems

See what your peers are saying about the Eyecon 9420.


The Eyecon Pill Counter is an innovative, optical pill counting and Rx validation machine, and is 99.9% accurate. The Eyecon counts pills in static mode vs. in motion, which eliminates frequent miscounts you might experience when using other counting devices on the market.

-Improves efficiency

-Is the most accurate counter

-Is the fastest counter

-Will validate the NDC number

-Assists with inventory, plus helps with daily audit counts for all CIM customers.

It will save the average pharmacy $1000.00 per month, if it only increases your accuracy by 1/2%.

About Rx Systems, Inc. 
Rx Systems, Inc. a family-owned full-service provider of pharmacy packaging and supplies services a wide spectrum of pharmacy markets including community and institutional. They manufacture RX LABELS, PHARMACY BAGS, VIALS, and PILL CARDS, plus they are the leading distributor of the EYECON pill counter. Since 1979 they have worked with the independent community and institutional pharmacies and now service them from five locations.

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