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Spence’s Pharmacy Touts Advantages of Using EnterpriseRx®

Spence’s Pharmacy Touts Advantages of Using EnterpriseRx®

-Spence’s Pharmacy, Logan, Utah
-Independent pharmacy in community of Logan, located about 80 miles north of Salt Lake City

Solution Spotlight
-EnterpriseRx® customer

Critical Issues
-Desire to draw in new patients and keep existing patients
-Enhance store’s ability to provide specialty medications to customers
-Increase efficiency of pharmacy operations
-Need to track inventory more effectively
-Ensure that education and counseling services exist and are continuously improved
-Increase profits and remain competitive with large chains

-EnterpriseRx system provides a variety of McKesson and vendor partner solutions that enhance adherence, clinical and business services
-Inventory tracking is easier, more accurate with EnterpriseRx
-Marked improvement in patient service and counseling after switching to EnterprixeRx
-EnterpriseRx enables easier, better, faster communications with patients

In today’s healthcare environment there is increasing pressure to do more—fill more prescriptions, meet payer contract requirements, implement a specialty program, and monitor patients. Accomplishing these goals, while containing costs and becoming more efficient, can be a daunting challenge for pharmacies. McKesson Pharmacy Systems’ EnterpriseRx® is a hosted pharmacy management system that fully integrates promise-time workflow for prescription processing, centralizes data for pharmacies with multiple sites, and incorporates a wide array of McKesson solutions and vendor partners to provide seamless adherence, clinical and business services.

Tonja Preslar, a Technician at Spence’s Pharmacy in Logan, UT, comments below on the ease of use and efficacy of the EnterpriseRx system. EnterpriseRx contains a customizable workflow that pharmacy owners can build to suit their needs and scale to meet the growth of the business. “EnterpriseRx has made our workflow more consistent, and our store more friendly, and faster. We are known for getting our customers in and out, and EnterpriseRx helps us maintain that reputation.” EnterpriseRx helps Spence’s Pharmacy ensure that the store delivers the right kinds of patient care, they manage operations efficiently, and that they gain quick insight into new trends and services in the industry. “One other helpful feature I like about EnterpriseRx,” Tonja says, “is that it enables me to search for information in a variety of ways—I can sort prescriptions by date, by Rx number, or by alphabetical listings. It may seem like a little thing, but this saves us a lot of time and effort.”

Delivering Care, Managing
Operations, Gaining Insight Spence’s Pharmacy transitioned to EnterpriseRx almost five years ago, and the staff finds it a vast improvement over their old system. Spence’s is widely noted for their service, their compounding and specialty medications, and for being very customer-oriented. “We have a lot of longstanding customers that come a long way to fill prescriptions with us when they could go somewhere much closer. I think it’s because of the service we provide. They know we are going to take care of them. Having a promise-time workflow makes processing prescriptions swift and easy,” Tonja says.

With regard to controlling operations, Tonja says: “There are several ways to track inventory more effectively in EnterpriseRx. I can run a variety of reports that allow me to see what is in stock and what we will need soon. If I have only one particular patient on a given medication, I can see when she will run out and I can restock that Rx in a timely manner. Being able to order only the product I need helps us keep our stock levels at manageable levels.”

Other EnterpriseRx Enhancements
Many of the new features and benefits incorporated into EnterpriseRx are a direct result of feedback from pharmacy owners and pharmacists. New features in EnterpriseRx 7.0 include:
-Expanded patient communication and alerts. Enhanced patient communication options allow pharmacies to automatically alert patients during stages of the prescription filling process based on the patient’s preferred method of communication such as phone, text, or email;
-Notifications help reduce the number of abandoned prescriptions and promote medication adherence, which, in turn, allows pharmacies to achieve payer contract requirements, increase reimbursements, and potentially reduce DIR fees;
-Communicate with customers in real time and enjoy the ability to create custom text message templates for your business and patient needs;
-A new safety-check feature allows pre-verification to be performed twice before a prescription can move forward in workflow. Particularly beneficial to central mail facilities where final verification is conducted by an automated system.

Focusing on Customers
Tonja appreciates the extra features added to EnterpriseRx over recent months, and talks about the system being more intuitive and user-friendly. “It did not take very long for our staff to learn how to use EnterpriseRx. The implementation process was very smooth. There was a small learning curve, but EnterpriseRx streamlines your workflow so that you can do more things faster, and more efficiently. I really like the fact that I can use two screens at one time; I couldn’t do that before. Now, I can work on electronic or phone prescriptions and if a customer comes into the store I can instantly switch to processing the in-store Rx and then go back to the other prescriptions when I’m done with the customer in person.”

Expanding clinical services and providing education for their patients is an important focus for Spence’s Pharmacy. Tonja says that the store provided immunization services last year and also offered counseling to elderly customers regarding methods for evaluating and selecting medical insurance plans. Noting that EnterpriseRx integrates seamlessly with third-party applications like Med Sync, Diplomat, and others, Tonja says: “We are looking to expand our offerings of clinical services programs in the future, and we know EnterpriseRx will help us do that.”

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