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We Protect the Integrity of Temperature Sensitive Products World Wide

Cold Chain Technologies

We Protect the Integrity of Temperature Sensitive Products World Wide 


Cold Chain Technologies (CCT) is an ISO 9001:2015 certified global leader in the development and delivery of cost-effective insulated thermal packaging solutions that protect the integrity of temperature-sensitive products. With over 50 years of experience in the cold chain, we understand its logistics and applications, its demands and its extremes.

When you partner with Cold Chain Technologies, you benefit from:

-Reliable, cost-effective performance

-Proven, real world designs

-Unrivaled engineering expertise

-Total support of your cold chain needs

Smart Solutions

The shipment of temperature sensitive products isn’t just about being safe. It’s about being smart. Smart about thermodynamics. Smart about cost. And smart about the obstacles awaiting your valuable package. As a recognized thought leader we enjoy working with our clients to ensure they have the smartest solutions in place to meet their needs.

Smart Team

Our talented, experienced professionals understand the challenges your shipment will face once it leaves your facility. And they work with you along the way to ensure that those challenges are met.

Smart Clients

Leading companies around the globe place their critical pharmaceutical, biomedical, life science and food service products in the hands of Cold Chain Technologies. We welcome the opportunity to discover how we can help your organization manage a smarter cold chain.


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