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Straight From the Stage: Smart Marketing During COVID-19 with Tyler Lessard

Q: With travel restrictions a new reality, we're thinking about hosting more online webinars and virtual events. What are the best practices for running these ourselves, and can we do this on a modest budget?

Webinars and virtual events can be a great way to engage remote audiences in today's virtual world! There are a range of solutions out there to help you do these on any budget, even if you can only afford your own time and energy. Video conferencing tools like Zoom can be easily repurposed for online webinars, and there are a myriad of tools for virtual events offering everything from basic attendee management and content streaming to virtual exhibit halls, attendee networking, and more. The keys to a successful webinar or virtual event are to identify the most valuable topic(s), recruit the best speakers, promote across various channels, and leverage the on-demand session recordings following your event for greater ROI. For more tips, refer to these articles on how to run a webinar or virtual event that your attendees (and finance team!) will love.

Q: Video has become a hot topic in today's marketing world, but we're not sure where to begin. Where would you suggest starting for those who are still new to creating and sharing videos?

Video is a powerful content medium for many things, but it's most important trait is its ability to educate audiences in ways that are more clear, personal, and memorable than written text. Consider creating videos to answer the most common questions your prospects may be asking, or to explain ideas that otherwise require an eBook or a long phone call to understand. Educational videos can be great for your website, blog, YouTube channel, email marketing, and more! And what's even better is that for videos of this nature, content value is more important than production value. Pull out that smartphone, hit record on that digital camera, and learn the basics of video editing (honestly, it's not that hard!). For more tips on video marketing strategy and production, check out Vidyard's Guide to Video Marketing and Video Production 101.

Q: With everyone working from home, doing video calls via Zoom or GoToMeeting has been great, but I'm starting to feel some serious video call fatigue. What tips do you have for reducing the time spent on video calls to help people stay productive but still connected?

Video call fatigue is a real problem. Here at Vidyard we call it getting Zoomed Out. Don't get me wrong, video calls are great, just not when you have to do them all day long. A great way to reduce the amount of time spent on video calls is to replace the 'presentation' aspect of a meeting with a pre-recorded video that can be shared in advance and watched offline at a time that is convenient for each participant. In doing so, you may be able to shorten a video call from 60 to 30 minutes. Have everyone review the video recordings on their own time, then spend the 30 minutes having productive interactive discussions. This is particularly efficient if the video can be watched at 1.5x or 2.0x speed (and let's face it, most coworkers sound way better as fast-talking chipmunks). Free tools like Vidyard's Chrome extension make it easy to record and share both webcam and screen share videos directly from your Chrome browser, Gmail, or Outlook. Give it a try and let's see if you can have one #OneLessMeeting!

Q: Our sales team is really struggling with the inability to meet clients face-to-face. Beyond video calls, what can they do to stay connected with clients and maintain their momentum?

In times like these I'm reminded of the old adage: necessity is the mother of invention! As much as possible, try to treat the current climate as an opportunity to try new things, to take a fresh approach to something, and to invent new ways of achieving your goals. For sales teams, this might mean investing in more sales intelligence tools to ensure they're prioritizing efforts on those leads that truly matter, or adding video messaging into their repertoire of outreach tactics. One-to-one videos can be a powerful way to stay connected with clients in a remote working world. Unlike video calls, they don't require both parties to find a convenient time in their calendars. Simply press record, share your video, and get your message across while also keeping your face top-of-mind. 

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Tyler heads up the marketing team at Vidyard, a leading provider of video marketing and video selling solutions for business. He’s a passionate content marketer and storyteller at heart who thrives on the intersection of art and science to create exceptional customer experiences. When he’s not chasing higher engagement rates, he can found chasing one of his four wonderful children or watching Westworld, Game of Thrones, Ozark and Dora (yes, she is still exploring!)

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