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RxAuditor Analytics Suite - Medacist

RxAuditor Analytics

Medacist provides the RxAuditor analytics suite as a SaaS delivery model to the acute and long-term health care industry assisting its clients in a variety of ways through the following services: RxAuditor OnDemand, RxAuditor 360, and RxAuditor CPA.

As the innovator once again, Medacist advances to the next level. RxAuditor’s patented algorithm has recently been enhanced with artificial intelligence, pattern recognition, and predictive diversion targeting, which delivers the highest assurance metrics in the industry, unparalleled.


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RxAuditor, SaaS Analytics Platform that drives key metrics to pharmacy and nursing leadership to better measure, monitor and manage the medication use process across central pharmacy packaging and distribution to automated dispensing to patient electronic medical record administration.

-Clinical - Metrics associated to medication errors, adverse drug reaction, medication override, waste and discrepancy. With a primary focus on drug diversion.

-Operational - Analysis of key performance metrics associated to the optimization, optimal inventory levels based on historical usage, stock-out, refill optimization, dispense-to-refill analysis, hardware error analysis.

-Economic - Analysis of medication cost, inventory turn analysis, expired medication loss, inventory loss (shrinkage)from discrepancies.


See how RxAuditor Analytics can help hospitals prevent drug diversion


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