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Save Money and Protect Inventory With the EDGE Wireless System Solution

Protecting TotalWellness Vaccine Inventory Year Round


TotalWellness conducts flu clinics and screenings for a wide range of organizations across the US. That means at any given time during flu season, they may have thousands of dollars worth of temperature-sensitive vaccines in refrigerated storage. Their previous monitoring system sent only email notifications of temperature excursions – easily missed in the middle of the night.

To protect their inventory, they wanted a solution that also sent immediate alerts by phone and text. After researching their options, TotalWellness settled on the EDGE system solution – which includes a wireless EDGE W-200 sensor for each refrigerator, the EDGEConnect web application and EDGECloud Plus.

Now TotalWellness can have notifications sent to multiple users. There’s also an acknowledgment code that lets the system and other users know the alert was received.


Read the Success Story - Find out how the EDGE system has already saved TotalWellness money and inventory.

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