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UDS' Lindsey Stasko Achieves Hazardous Drug Designated Person (HDDP) Certification


 Lindsey Stasko, Quality Assurance Manager, has completed ACHCU’s (a division of Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC) Hazardous Drug Designated Person (HDDP) Certification. 

USP General Chapter <800>, which became official December 1, 2019, offers guidelines for the safe handling of hazardous drugs.  USP <800> also stipulates that each entity handling Hazardous Drugs (HDs) MUST identify a Designated Person (DP) to guide them through initial implementation and to ensure ongoing compliance. Lindsey has completed this rigorous course and is now assuming this required role (previously held by Paul Welch, R.Ph.) and is certified that she has the knowledge to ensure UDS’ compliance with USP <800>.


Lindsey and her team will be responsible as the HDDP for:

-Creating and implementing procedures concerning HDs

-Performing a documented annual review of these Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

-Monitoring compliance with these SOPs and relevant rules and regulations

-Ensuring worker training and competency for HDs

-Ensuring “environmental control” of areas where HDs are found and handled

-Overseeing facility monitoring, managing related documents, and acting on results, including incident reports concerning HDs

UDS, founded in 2005, is a pharmaceutical repackager offering their services to hospitals, long-term care facilities and contract manufacturer utilizing good manufacturing practices (cGMP). UDS provides its customers with the highest quality services and our commitment to quality can be seen with adhering to the highest packaging industry standards. UDS is licensed by State Boards, DEA and is registered with FDA.

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