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Controlled Drug Storage, Prescription Filling, and Retrieval System

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IntelliVault with Autolog by GSL Solutions

Controlled Drug Storage, Prescription Filling, and Retrieval System

-Eliminates shrink and drug loss by replacing today's "open face / open access" controlled drug storage cabinets

-Replaces today's error-prone and manual perpetual log book

-Logs ALL transactions and user activities automatically

-Replaces pharmacist labor with technician labor for C2 filling

-Maintains complete chain of custody and pedigree from stock receiving to prescription filling and patient pick up

-Payback from labor savings in as little as 1 year

IntelliVault MTB Meds-To-Bed by GSL Solutions

New System to Support Streamlined Dispensing of Prescription Medications at Patient's Bedside

-Physical chain of custody is maintained from filling of prescription through receipt by the patient

-Easy integration to RN notification system and dashboard when prescription is ready

-Real-time inventory of cabinet contents

-Secure storage of patient's home medications

-Patient monographs printed on demand 

IntelliCab- The Leader in Will-Call Storage

Stands Alone or Integrates with IntelliCab

-Secure storage for will-call

-Proven ROI based on labor cost savings

-Improves customer service through a decrease in wait time

-Sends the patient a text message when RXs are ready with AutoNotify

-Integrates with Central fill

-Maintains drug pedigree, lot, and expiration date when integrated with IntelliVault

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