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Digital Pharmacist

Increase efficiency. Attract new patients. Improve your bottom line.

Digital Pharmacist's main goal is to help independent pharmacies compete against the national chains. We do this by being your one-stop shop for all of your marketing and communication needs. Whether you need a website to make online prescription transfers easier, an IVR so you spend less time on the phone, or secure 2-way messaging to quickly communicate with your patients, we have you covered. Join over 7,500 pharmacies and become a Digital Pharmacist client today.

Increase Efficiency

We know that your time is extremely valuable, and the less time you can spend on the phone navigating requests, the more time you can spend face-to-face with customers. Our communication products streamline conversations, enable patients to help themselves via self-service and automated platforms, and allow patients to speak with you in a format and at a time that is most convenient for them.

-Cloud Based IVR

Enable your existing and potential patients to refill and transfer prescriptions and learn more about your pharmacy, minimizing the number of interruptions to your workday. Our Google Cloud-hosted IVR system is best-in-class and provides you with the freedom to focus on your in-store patients.

-2-way Messaging

Hold secure online conversations and share images (like insurance cards or pictures of medicine labels) with your patients. With Digital Pharmacist’s HIPAA compliant 2-way messaging platform, you can view all patient messages in a centralized location, send auto-populated messages, and receive quick responses from patients in a format that is the most convenient for them.

Attract New Patients

In order to compete with the national chains, you need to have an online presence, fantastic reviews, and an advertising strategy that helps new patients easily discover you.

Independent pharmacies have a key advantage over national chains: they excel in customer service. But, without a website and mobile app, it’s easy to miss out on new business. Digital Pharmacist offers a suite of online products that we set up, manage, and maintain—all customized with your logo and the personalized content you have the option to add.

-Branded Website and Mobile App

Establish a stellar online presence with a branded website and white-label mobile app. We will create a website and an app that are HIPAA and ADA compliant and that allow for easy prescription transfers and refill requests. Show your in-store personality online and give new patients a great reason to ditch the national chains and move their prescriptions to you.

-Digital Marketing

Target potential patients within a certain radius of your storefront using online advertising. Our team of digital experts will create and manage the ads for you, allowing you to focus on your in-store customer service.

Along with digital advertising, we offer an email newsletter with the latest in health news that you can customize and send to your patients on a weekly basis. Become a thought leader and show your patients the health information they need to be informed and prepared.

-Reputation Management

Every review on Google, Facebook, and Yelp can help or hurt your business. The Digital Pharmacist reputation management team helps increase the number of reviews you receive, monitors and responds to incoming reviews on your behalf, and prevents bad reviews from happening.

Improve Your Bottom Line

Our products integrate with over 60 pharmacy management systems (and counting), so regardless of the PMS that you use today or switch to tomorrow, you can still use our products to increase your revenue. With Digital Pharmacist, we do all of the heavy lifting for you, so you don’t have to worry about hiring separate companies to set up your IVR, create your website, run your digital ads, or improve your patient reviews. We are your one-stop shop for your marketing and communication needs.

Digital Pharmacist is a partner of the National Community Pharmacists Association and powers the Cardinal Health Pharmacy Marketing Advantage Program.

Increase efficiency, attract new patients, and improve your bottom line. Become a Digital Pharmacist client today.

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