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Health Care Logistics

Cleanroom Supplies

Our ready-to-use, USP <797>-friendly sterile cleaning products give you the tools you need to kill bacteria and maintain a clean medical environment free of contaminants and debris. This series of powerful sanitizers and disinfectants includes sprays, wipes and polish individually bagged and ready for immediate introduction into the controlled area.

Products include Sterile Hydrogen Peroxide, Sterile Sodium Hypochlorite, Sterile Alcohol, Quaternary Ammonium, Sterile Decon-Clean SimpleMix, Decon Spore SimpleMix, Sterile USP Purified Water and Sterile Stainless Steel Cleaner and Polish.

Premixed concentrations are formulated with sterile Water For Injection (WFI), sterilized and filtered to eliminate any trace of particulate matter inside the container. Two-part SimpleMix solutions measure and mix the appropriate amount of concentrate at the time of use to guarantee a fresh, full-strength solution every time.

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