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Reliable and Cost-Effective Pharmacy Services Powered by the Care Services Family of Companies

Through its subsidiaries, MedCallRx, InMedRx, GeriScriptRx, and Complete Delivery Solution, Care Services delivers the most comprehensive suite of backup, release, and re-entry pharmacy services used by long-term care and correctional pharmacies nationwide.

Company Background

Care Services, through its subsidiary companies, assists long-term care and correctional pharmacies in delivering requisite and timely medication fulfillment for patients when first dose or emergency needs occur, and as part of inmate re-entry and release programs. Clients include long-term care pharmacies, correctional pharmacies, state departments of corrections, and jail systems across the country. 

Across each of our programs, we offer the unique ability to quickly onboard clients with the requisite infrastructure already established to provide immediate support. Care Services provides around the clock coverage, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, so you can rest assured that we will meet all of your scheduled and emergency needs timely and reliably.

Product Overview

Our medication fulfillment services are powered by innovative technology, a network of 70,000+ pharmacies, and a proprietary courier solution that includes 3,000+ partners nationwide. Our comprehensive suite of services includes: 

• Backup Pharmacy Services: We support long-term care and correctional pharmacies in providing first dose and emergency medications in standard and after hour situations. Our portal lets you order and track deliveries online, generate on-demand and real-time reports, and find support.

• Re-Entry Pharmacy Services: Our pharmacy voucher system supports the medication needs of individuals living in state sponsored community housing. The program helps inmates manage health conditions while transitioning back into the community.  • Release Pharmacy Services: Instead of providing medications at release, our program enables facilities to provide recently released individuals with prescriptions to be filled at a local pharmacy. The program eliminates abandoned medications paid for by correctional pharmacies and provides released individuals access to needed pharmacy care.

• Delivery Services: Powered by Complete Delivery Solution, we provide medication pick-up and delivery services. With a nationwide network of couriers, we respond to scheduled and emergency medication needs, delivering medications within two hours on orders within 35 miles.

Program Features 

Comprehensive and Timely Delivery: On-demand/STAT delivery of time-sensitive medications and medical supplies, enabled by a convenient web-based portal.

Help Everywhere You Need It: A network of more than 70,000 retail pharmacies supports over 1,000 clients nationwide, providing cost effective options that can reduce back-up pharmacy spending.

A Robust Delivery Network: Through a transportation network of more than 3,000 partners nationally, we provide necessary coverage to support customers in every location. The network covers over 85% of the nation’s zip codes and 94% of the national population base.

Consolidated, Simplified, and Speedy Billing: Streamline billing by combining multiple pharmacy account numbers into one convenient, familiar format similar to an electronic insurance claim.

Constant Customer Support: Customer support representatives are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 


“Using MedCall has turned out to have more advantages than I initially expected. MedCall streamlines our entire back-up process by combining multiple pharmacy account numbers into one convenient, familiar format that makes it easier for our on-call staff. Our back-up pharmacies like the immediate approved responses they receive similar to an electronic insurance claim.” 

— Pharmacist, Long-Term Care Pharmacy

“GeriScript has been a wonderful partnership. We have saved over 40% on our after hours backup pharmacy charges. The setup was easy and virtually hands free.”

— CEO, Long-Term Care Pharmacy

“InMedRx provides a very bright solution to address an industry problem. Using InMedRx makes better business sense, but it also makes better patient sense.”

— SVP, Jail Operations, Correctional Pharmacy

“Complete Delivery Solution significantly reduces the amount of time and money we spend on STAT deliveries. The program was easy-to-implement and the team is quick to address our needs.”

— Executive Director, Long-Term Care Pharmacy

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