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McKesson Pharmacy Systems

Your Pharmacy is Unique. It’s not like every other pharmacy out there - and your technology provider needs to understand that. It’s your business, and you want to run it your way. Versatility, flexibility and choice are important - yet there’s only one pharmacy technology partner providing that freedom of choice. At MPS, we can address your specific business needs while helping you reduce costs through economies of scale, assistance with adoption, maintenance, and support. Select the McKesson solution from our portfolio described below that best fits your requirements while still attaining the value and savings needed to survive in today’s competitive market. With any of our systems, you can add on supplemental modules that help you run adherence programs, connect with your patients via web and mobile technology, and offer an array of delivery methods that match the needs of your patients.


A centrally hosted SaaS solution, EnterpriseRx delivers on two fronts: it is a workflow-based processing system that creates efficiency and the highest safety standards behind the counter, yet also provides a thoroughly modern management system to keep up with all back-end aspects of your business. Expanding pharmacies with multiple locations or a strong propensity toward top line growth and precise operational controls will benefit from the ability to:

-Achieve the highest levels of efficiency and safety behind the counter

-Spread tasks across your team to free up your pharmacist

-Support clinical programs

-Manage resources and information centrally, in real-time, for company-wide access & monitoring

-Enable new business models like central processing and workload balancing across your stores


Also a centrally hosted SaaS solution, PharmacyRx appeals to a variety of owners because it is a cost-effective system that can be installed quickly and make processing prescriptions swift and easy.

If you are opening a brand new store or want to transition your existing operation onto an easy-to-use platform that readily addresses the fundamentals of prescription fulfillment, then PharmacyRx can help you:

-Get up and running quickly

-Deliver prescriptions to patients rapidly and efficiently

-Reduce hardware costs and in-store IT responsibilities

-Manage expenses with convenient “all-in-one” software, hardware, support and services packages


A fully integrated distributed solution that houses data and applications on a server stored on-site. For pharmacies focused on the development of long-term patient relationships while offering specialty services like compounding, LTC, or clinical care programs, Pharmaserv can provide:

-Hands-on access and control over all of your pharmacy’s hardware and information

-Robust modules to handle your niche service offering needs

-Patient satisfaction tools to encourage loyalty and expand share of wallet

-Processing safeguards to ensure accuracy and consistency

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