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Syringe Filling and Syringe Labelling Made Easy - MedXL [VIDEO]

Syringe filling made easy! 
PraxiFill™ Automated Syringe Filler

PraxiFill™ is an automated syringe filler intended to increase productivity of the syringe filling process by eliminating the tedious manual task of aspirating solution into the syringe and capping the filled syringe.

PraxiFill™ is designed to be used with MedXL pre-capped sterile syringes for increased efficiency and productivity.

5cc, 10cc, 20cc and 50cc syringes are available. 

Syringe Labelling Made Easy! 

PraxiLabel™ Semi-Automated Syringe Labeller

PraxiLabel™ is a semi-automatic tabletop syringe labeler intended to increase labeling productivity as it eliminates work-related injuries due to frequent hand and wrist movements involved in the syringe labeling operation. 

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