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Reduce Noise in Patient Rooms With GX Cold Storage Solutions

GX Solutions Pharmacy Refrigerators are 3X quieter than conventional models with the use of OptiCool™ Technology.

Company Background

Helmer Scientific is a manufacturer and worldwide distributor of medical-grade cold storage and laboratory processing equipment. We have over 40 years of experience in providing high-quality temperature-controlled environments, with our products being used in over 125 countries throughout the world. Helmer originated in the blood bank market where precise temperature control is essential to the successful storage and transfusion of blood products. These same principles are applied to the design and development of the Helmer pharmacy cold storage products.

Product Overview

GX Solutions Professional Medical-Grade Refrigerators are designed for the unique needs of critical healthcare applications such as medication and vaccine storage. Only professional medical-grade refrigerators deliver optimized control in three important areas: temperature, noise, and energy management.

Noise management is important for the healthcare environment. Sound pollution is a common complaint among both patients and healthcare workers. There are various research studies that highlight the negative impact of noise on hospital patients. It is equally important to reduce the noise levels in pharmacies, medication rooms, laboratories, and patient rooms.

GX professional medical-grade refrigerators are designed for noise-sensitive areas. They utilize OptiCool™ refrigeration technology, which incorporates both Variable Capacity Compressor (VCC) technology and natural hydrocarbon (HC) refrigerants resulting in much quieter operation.

When evaluating a conventional undercounter medical-grade refrigerator against the Helmer Scientific GX professional-grade refrigerator, the GX professional medical-grade refrigerator was 17 decibels lower than the conventional model. It is important to note that every increase or decrease on the decibel scale is equivalent to a 10-fold increase or decrease in sound intensity.

While the conventional medical-grade refrigerator operated at 59dB, the Helmer GX refrigerators operated at only 42dB. This is a similar sound level to a quiet office. The results show the GX Solutions refrigerator is 3X quieter than conventional models. Managing noise in hospitals is a critical issue as noise negatively affect patient health and the well-being of healthcare workers. Choosing quieter equipment, such as GX professional medical-grade refrigerators, can have a major impact on surrounding patient care and staff work areas, while still achieving industry leading uniformity, recovery, and stability.

Features & Options

Professional, Medical-Grade Performance

-Best-in-class temperature management, including uniformity, recovery, and stability, to safeguard medications and supply confidence that contents are stored at the precise temperature regardless of where they are placed within the unit.

-Designed for noise-sensitive areas such as medication rooms, pharmacies and patient rooms, GX Solutions are 3x quieter than traditional models leading to better rest for patients and fewer distractions for healthcare personnel.

-Energy management reduces operating costs and supports sustainability initiatives by utilizing a variable capacity compressor (VCC) system and natural refrigerants to create a highly efficient cooling system.

Continuous Monitoring Offers Safety and Security of Stored Product

The i.C3® Information Center provides constant temperature monitoring and multiple information logs, plus security features to keep crucial refrigerator settings protected.

-Information and Event Center records performance history of the unit as well as event acknowledgement.

-Guardian Plus Protection offers protected settings and limits refrigerator access with a key lock or optional integrated electromagnetic access control

-Data Transfer Center offers data export of temperature, event and access data via USB port as PDF reports or CSV files

Medication and Vaccine Storage

-Factory pre-set to 5°C for pharmacy applications.

-Supports CDC guidelines for vaccine storage.

-Remote lock adapter kits available for integration with automated dispensing cabinets.

-Quiet operation for improved work environment (UC 42 dB, Upright 47-50dB).

-Standard configuration includes ventilated pull-out pharmacy drawers and ventilated shelf.

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