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Temperature Intelligence Solutions by Temptime – Monitoring Tools and Systems for Medication Shipments, Storage, and Pharmacy Facilities [VIDEO]

Temperature Intelligence Solutions by Temptime – Monitoring Tools and Systems for Medication Shipments, Storage, and Pharmacy Facilities

Providing the tools and knowledge to accurately monitor temperature-sensitive medication, ensuring they have not been exposed to temperature events that could impact their effectiveness in treating patients.

Company Background

In 2019 Zebra – an innovator at the edge of enterprise solutions with expertise in healthcare, among other industries – acquired manufacturer Temptime Corporation. More than 30 years ago, Temptime developed the first miniaturized technology to monitor time-temperature exposure of vials containing the oral polio vaccine. Since then the company has deepened its commitment to public health by expanding its suite of easy-to-use, patient-centric temperature monitoring solutions to include those designed for both pharmacy and patient use.

Product Overview

Through Temptime’s manufacturing facility, Zebra offers a comprehensive range of temperature monitoring solutions to meet the cold chain needs of specialty pharmacies and their patients. Their products include:

-Low-cost, chemically-based heat and freeze indicators for blood products, vaccines, biologics, and other medication.

-Heat and freeze indicators for monitoring medication during shipping.

- Sophisticated electronic, wireless temperature and humidity monitoring systems with cloud-based data storage and sharing.

By reducing the risk and cost associated with unpredictable temperature events in production, storage, and shipment – Zebra is striving to improve supply chain efficiency, global health, and patient care.

Product Specifications

-Wireless Monitoring Systems

The Temptime family of wireless Bluetooth enabled sensors monitor and record temperature data 24/7. The W-200 is designed for facilities and warehouses, monitoring both temperature and humidity in medication storage areas to help with accreditation compliance and regulatory requirements. Data can be accessed remotely using a web-based application and customized alerts notify users instantly if any areas have exceeded temperature limits.

The M-300 and S-400 programmable data loggers are ideal for monitoring temperatures during transport or storage, letting users:

-View and share temperature data using a free mobile app.

-Customize alarm limits, data logging intervals, startup options, and more.

-Store unlimited data on the cloud and generate reports with a complementary web app.

-Performance Qualification Testing

For specialty pharmacies, performance qualification (PQ) testing ensures that the critical and often lifesaving medications they send to patients have not been exposed to unsafe temperatures, which could impact their effectiveness. More than that, PQ testing is also required for certain pharmacy accreditations and participation in some pharmacy networks.

These wireless monitoring devices help specialty pharmacies simplify PQ testing to optimize pack-outs. Customized Third- Party PQ Testing services also help meet the requirements of pharmacy networks that make third-party validation testing a condition of participation.

-TransTracker® Shipment Indicators

TransTracker® visual temperature indicators monitor medication heat and freeze events during shipment and storage. They are simple to read and understand so patients can tell at-a-glance if medication has been exposed to extreme temperatures – cutting down on unnecessary, costly reshipments due to suspected temperature damage. These cost-effective, single-use indicators also help specialty pharmacies comply with state regulations.

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