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USP 797 and USP 800 Compliant Mobile Pharmacy Compounding Cleanrooms by MDI and CRD

USP 797 and USP 800 Compliant Mobile Pharmacy Compounding Cleanrooms by MDI and CRD

The partnership between MDI and CRD delivers best-in-class, turnkey mobile pharmacy compounding cleanrooms designed to meet and exceed USP 797 and USP 800 requirements. We have mobile solutions available for safe and secure sterile non-hazardous and hazardous compounding for short or long-term projects, as well as permanent solutions.

Company Background

MDI Mobile Cleanrooms and Cleanroom Design LLC have combined their expertise and partnered to create a new industry leading joint venture focused on providing USP 797 and USP 800 compliant mobile pharmacy compounding cleanrooms. Formed in 2017, the joint venture offers the largest, most state-of-the-art, and highest-quality of engineered mobile cleanrooms in the industry with additional safety measures including an airlock entry, redundant hazardous exhaust systems, and a fully automated cloud-based control and monitoring system. Discover how we’re better together at and

Product Overview

MDI/CRD is very excited about the explosive growth we've seen since the recent addition of mobile pharmacy compounding units to our family of cleanroom solutions. Our clients utilize our mobile cleanrooms as an immediate solution for safe compounding during the current COVID-19 crisis, as a temporary solution to use while upgrading an in-house cleanroom to USP 797 and USP 800 standards, and as a permanent alternative to building-out a new cleanroom inside of a hospital or clinic. Our materials of construction are of the highest quality and our customer service is second to none. MDI/CRD’s Mobile Cleanrooms are available for purchase or for short and long-term temporary or permanent placements.

Features & Options

Our turnkey mobile cleanrooms are the largest in the industry. Compared to a “trailer” or chassis-based platform which are 8' wide, our units are much wider with a 14' width throughout either a 30' length or a 48' long unit. The larger width means our mobile pharmacy cleanrooms meet and exceed the requirements of the USP Chapter 797 Pharmaceutical Compounding-Sterile Preparations and USP 800 Chapter for handling sterile hazardous drugs.

As an added level of safety, we offer an industry-exclusive airlock entry to all of our mobile pharmacy cleanrooms for additional protection against contamination. USP standards weren’t written with the thought of entering a pharmacy compounding cleanroom from the outside, or from a parking lot, so we include a HEPA filtered airlock entry prior to entering the workroom. Our units also include general workrooms for computers and non-compounding activities, dedicated gowning rooms and USP 800 compliant drug storage and receiving rooms. 

What sets MDI/CRD Mobile Pharmacy Cleanrooms apart?

-Pre-Certified Prior to Delivery and Guaranteed to Pass Third Party Inspection

-14' Wide Mobile Cleanrooms, up to 40% Larger Than What Others Offer

-Airlock Entry

-Large Fleet of Mobile Pharmacy Cleanrooms

-Short or Long-Term Rentals, or Available for Purchase

-Cloud-Based Control and Monitoring System With

-Real-Time Data-Logging and Alarms

-Nationwide Coverage

-Full Service Support


"Thank you for the excellent service Cleanroom Design and MDI Mobile Cleanrooms has provided to us for the temporary Pharmacy Compounding Cleanrooms for the Staten Island University Hospital Campus. Upon delivery the NYS Board of Pharmacy conducted an inspection and approved the unit for operation in the capacity of compounding both hazardous and traditional I.V. solutions for patients. The unit surpassed our expectations and was able to maintain the high volume production necessary during the recent Covid-19 outbreak." — Otto VonEilbergh, Director – Capital Projects, Corporate Facilities Services, Northwell Health

Ordering Information

To learn how MDI/CRD Mobile Cleanrooms can assist with your pharmacy upgrade or expansion, or to help meet new USP 797 or USP 800 standards, contact us by phone at (317) 333-8742 or email at

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