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Securing the Safe Storage and Transport of Your Vaccines – B Medical Systems

Securing the Safe Storage and Transport of Your Vaccines – B Medical Systems

B Medical Systems’ temperature-controlled storage and transport solutions are designed to protect the integrity, stability and shelf life of sensitive refrigerated vaccines and medicines, by maintaining an unbroken cold chain until administration.

Company Background

B Medical Systems is a manufacturer and global distributor of medical devices, with 40 years of industry experience in medical refrigeration. Our company has a long history in vaccine cold chain. In 1979, we invented the very first vaccine cold chain equipment able to protect the potency of temperature-sensitive vaccines in extreme weather environments. Today, global humanitarian procurement organizations and ministries of health across the world rely on our technological innovations – e.g. solar-powered refrigerators – to roll out effective immunization programs. Besides vaccine cold chain, B Medical Systems offers a wide range of blood management and medical refrigeration solutions. Those include medicalgrade refrigerators, freezers, and transport systems for pharmacies.

Product Overview

B Medical Systems offers an end-to-end solution – of medical-grade refrigerators, freezers, and transport systems – to safely store and transport your temperature-sensitive medications. Maintaining an unbroken cold chain is essential to preserve their integrity, stability, and shelf life. You can trust B Medical Systems to provide an accurate temperature-controlled environment for your pharmacy.

While our WHO PQS (Performance, Quality, Safety) certified transport boxes are able to secure stable temperatures for extended periods of up to six days, our medical-grade refrigerators and freezers provide precise temperature control and uniformity via an even distribution of cold air throughout the entire cabinet. Despite frequent door openings, our solutions maintain stable temperature, thanks to a cooling system enabling rapid recovery times.

All storage solutions are equipped with the °B Connected remote temperature monitoring software, which gives you an extra layer of safety and a greater peace of mind. In case of any unexpected temperature deviations, °B Connected will transfer digital alerts via text messages or emails, while the alarm system integrated in the units emits audiovisual signals. Thanks to the optimal insulation of our devices and their prolonged hold over time, you can rest assured that your medication will remain at the right temperature for several hours until corrective action is taken.

The °B Connected software is universal and can be integrated to all your cold storage devices. At any time, from anywhere, you can track the performance of your entire refrigeration system. Be it on your mobile, tablet, or laptop, °B Connected will allow you to:

-Visualize real-time temperature data.

-Generate reports in compliance with the FDA regulation 21 CFR Part 11.

-Centralize all data for long-term archiving.

Features & Options

Comfortable and User-Friendly

-The accurate temperature control along with the remote temperature monitoring give you a greater peace of mind.

-Access to the refrigerated content is protected by password or NFC enabled card, as well as the access to all parameters on the 7" touchscreen located at eye level on the door handle.

-The Premium models are built with high-quality stainless steel and coated with an antibacterial protection. The Precision models are manufactured with the unique technique of rotomolding, which provides greater durability and a lifetime warranty on corrosion.

Sustainable for Greener Operations

-The natural refrigerants increase the overall cooling efficiency while minimizing your carbon footprint.

-The high-performing compressor brings greater energy efficiency and fewer operational costs.

-The sealed gaskets and polyurethane foam provide a strong thermal insulation, reducing the frost build-up and increasing the energy efficiency.

Flexible and Customizable

-Our portfolio includes undercounter, upright, and combo models, as well as transport boxes, covering a wide range of temperature

requirements and storage volume

-The position of the door handle is interchangeable, and the alarm limits are adjustable.

-The interior storage options are standardized, and include a variety of drawers and wire shelves, allowing you to optimize storage capacity based on your needs.

Additional Product Lines

-Blood Management: Safe solutions to secure an unbroken blood cold chain from donor to patient. The portfolio includes ultra-quiet blood bank refrigerators, anti-frost plasma storage freezers, -86°C ultra-low temperature freezers, transport boxes for all blood components, and contact shock freezers – an innovative patented technology ensuring fast freezing of blood plasma.

-Vaccine Cold Chain: Reliable solutions to protect vaccine potency to the last mile. The portfolio includes ice-lined refrigerators and freezers for health centers with unreliable electricity, solar-powered vaccine storage equipment, and robust transport systems for lengthy journeys to remotest communities on earth.

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