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Testimonial | Multiple Programs at West Coast University Choose CORE ELMS to Manage Experiential Education

Over 150+ schools across the country use the CORE Technology Suite to manage experiential education. The School of Pharmacy at West Coast University has experienced a number of benefits since implementing CORE ELMS, including an increase in student satisfaction. 

"A survey we conducted with our program showed that student satisfaction has increased in the time that we've had CORE," said Segar Annamalai, Chief Information Officer at West Coast University. 

After the Pharmacy program experienced such efficiencies with CORE, the Nursing, Occupational Therapy, and Physical Therapy programs also began managing their clinical and fieldwork education programs with CORE ELMS. 

"As a large institution with several campuses and multiple programs, we require a software system that is flexible, customizable, and robust. The level of capabilities and features within CORE checks all these boxes and supports our multiple programs efficiently."


Read the full testimonial from West Coast University here. 



CORE ELMS is pharmacy's leading experiential learning management system. ELMS offers over 30 modules to support every aspect of the experiential learning process for administrators, students, and preceptors at over 98 pharmacy schools. CORE ELMS is designed with both functionality and flexibility in mind to accommodate the unique needs of any pharmacy program. Client support is never an additional cost, and your dedicated Client Success Specialist is available to support you as often as needed. 

Features include:

Site/Student/Preceptor ManagementElectronic Form Customization      
SmartMatch SchedulingAffiliation Agreement Tracking
Preceptor/Site Availability SubmissionPreceptor License Tracking
Student EvaluationsIncident Reporting Tracking
Student Requirements/ComplianceSite Payment Tracking
Site and Preceptor EvaluationsField Experiences and Case Logging   
Survey AdministrationJob Board Hosting 
Messaging CenterGraduate and Placement Tracking  
Document LibrarySingle Sign-On and LMS Integrations
Timesheet and Absence TrackingDedicated 1-1 Client Support

Visit the CORE website to learn more:

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