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CORE's SmartMatch Scheduling tool helps over 98 Pharmacy Schools schedule their APPE & IPPE Rotations

CORE ELMS supports pharmacy schools across the country with managing all aspects of their experiential education programs. One of the most popular and widely used features within CORE ELMS is SmartMatch Scheduling. Here are some common FAQ's about this experiential rotation scheduling tool. 

Is SmartMatch FAQ a 'lottery'?
No, our SmartMatch Scheduling algorithm matches each student to their highest possible preference based on the rules and priorities that have been incorporated into each schools algorithm settings and CORE's SmartMatch can be run with the top priority of matching as many top choices as possible. 

How long do I have to wait to receive SmartMatch Scheduling results?
There is no waiting and no down time – SmartMatch Scheduling can be managed by a school administrator with the click of a button and the results are instant!

Is there a way I can match students to their top preferences?
CORE's SmartMatch can be run with the top priority of matching as many top choices as possible.

Can we prioritize certain faculty, preceptors, or sites to be assigned to students?
Yes, many of our schools will match faculty with students first before non-faculty, or have certain sites that they prioritize in an attempt to fill all of their availability. 

Can we schedule students based on geographical location?
Yes, our SmartMatch Scheduling has a variety of options to match students to sites within a geographical location/radius. For example, some schools allow students to preference outside of their location but only allow the system to assign non-preferenced sites within their region. 

What other optional rules can be incorporated into CORE's SmartMatch?
Global Preferencing (top choices across all rotation types), unique scheduling by preceptor/site/course (so students are not assigned to the same location and/or experience twice), ranking students for prioritization, longitudinal rotations, application required rotations, and much more!


Learn more about CORE's SmartMatch scheduling by downloading the FAQ sheet here.


CORE ELMS is pharmacy's leading experiential learning management system. ELMS offers over 30 modules to support every aspect of the experiential learning process for administrators, students, and preceptors at over 98 pharmacy schools. CORE ELMS is designed with both functionality and flexibility in mind to accommodate the unique needs of any pharmacy program. Client support is never an additional cost, and your dedicated Client Success Specialist is available to support you as often as needed. 

Features include:

Site/Student/Preceptor Management

Electronic Form Customization          
SmartMatch SchedulingAffiliation Agreement Tracking      
Preceptor/Site Availability SubmissionPreceptor License Tracking     
Student EvaluationsIncident Reporting Tracking
Student Requirements/ComplianceSite Payment Tracking
Site and Preceptor EvaluationsField Experiences and Case Logging              
Survey AdministrationJob Board Hosting
Messaging CenterGraduate and Placement Tracking   
Document LibrarySingle Sign-On and LMS Integrations
Timesheet and Absence TrackingDedicated 1-1 Client Support

Visit the CORE website to learn more:


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