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SharpRx® - Intuitive, Affordable Pharmacy Management
QS/1’s SharpRx is an intuitive, touchscreen, SQL-based pharmacy management system that’s fast, affordable, and designed for today’s community pharmacy. Created from unrivaled industry experience, SharpRx is built for efficient prescription filling and synchronization, strong audit security, intelligent business management, and modern patient care.

Multitask with Ease
-Automate daily workflow processes and multitask with multiple open tabs
-Estimate reimbursement before sale (DIR Fee Estimator)
-Transmit e-prescriptions automatically and remember the linked patients, drugs, and doctors
-Save keystrokes - scan barcodes to auto-populate information
-Benefit from included software and services like POS and Remote Backup

Create a Workflow that Works
-Stay organized with an integrated calendar for appointments and task assignments
-Use your existing printers, scanners, and other equipment
-Create custom labels and forms with an easy-to-use label and form generator

Help Patients Get and Stay Well
-Rely on an intuitive design for medication synchronization
-Use built-in tools to improve adherence
-Offer compliance packaging and immunizations
-Manage outcomes and reimbursements for clinical services

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