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Visit the Rx Systems "Medication Carts" Booth in the Virtual Pharmacy Trade Show

Rx Systems, Inc. is a family-owned manufacturer and full-service provider of pharmacy packaging and supplies providing community and institutional pharmacies with quality products including MEDICATION CARTS, Pill Cards. Rx labels, Bags, Vials and the Eyecon Pill Counter.

Rx Systems’ Medication Carts have a wider base vs. similar-sized carts from other manufacturers that increases capacity up to 150 pill cards. The design allows you to purchase a smaller cart while still realizing the same capacity as a larger cart from another supplier. Most carts are in stock and available for immediate shipment.

Rx Systems' aluminum medication carts are all MODULAR!

Advantages include:

-Modular design allows you to replace a part (dented end panel or drawer front, etc.), versus the entire cart.

-20-35% greater Pill Card capacity than competitor’s comparable carts.

-Available in four different cabinet sizes with standard cream finish or three stylish wood like finishes.

-Hard-baked powder coat for a maintenance free, enduring finish.

-Adjustable dividers to custom fit other systems, such as DISPILL, Strip Packs, and Medicine On Time®.

-Carts & Accessories mount easily with thumb screws.

-Best® lock to ensure smooth and dependable operation.

-Most orders will ship within 1-2 business days.

-Delivered 100% assembled and ready to use.

Our company has prospered through reinvestment in manufacturing and distribution. In 1979, Rx Systems, Inc. was created with the intent of providing a one-stop shop for pharmacy supplies. Our company now occupies over 180,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing and warehouse space, including sites in Longwood, FL, Hanover, PA, Richardson, TX, Gilbert, AZ, and our main facility in St. Charles, MO. The success of our company began with a simple slogan that still holds true today, "Customer Service is Our Business."

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