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Visit the Rx Systems "Pharmacy Supplies: Bags, Labels, Vials & Toner" Booth in the Virtual Pharmacy Trade Show

Rx Systems, Inc. is a family-owned manufacturer and full-service provider of pharmacy packaging and supplies offering Rx labels, Bags, Vials, Pill Cards, Medication Carts, and the Eyecon Pill Counter.

RX LABELS - Rx Systems provides laser and thermal labels that are supported by all major software companies, and can also help design a custom format exclusively for your pharmacy. Stock labels are available in the most popular formats. View software specific formats on our website.

CUSTOM BAGS - Custom pharmacy bags are an excellent way to increase your bottom line by cross promoting other services and driving customers to your website. Request our Star Ratings bag flier to gather ideas on how to possibly reduce DIR fees. Custom bags only cost the average pharmacy an extra $10 per month vs. a stock bag from your wholesaler. Start building your BRAND now.

VIALS - Rx Vials are the number one way to reduce expenses on disposable supplies. By offering three closure types, Rx Systems has a vial that meets your needs. Our U.S. Made Traditional and Reversible vials save the average pharmacy 15-30% vs. other domestic vial lines. Custom imprinting is available.

TONER - Genuine Lexmark Brand Remanufactured cartridges including the new MS Series are offered. Ask about our Exclusive Vendor Agreement (EVA) bundling program that allows for toner discounts when we supply your Rx labels and Vials.

PILL CARDS - Heat Seal & Cold Seal single dose and multi-dose adherence packaging is available. Visit our website to view an extensive Long Term Care catalog highlighting the many varieties that are available.

EYECON PILL COUNTER - Check out the pill counting machine that is changing the marketplace. Eyecon is vision based and is 99.99% accurate. It greatly reduces labor, while increasing accuracy and validating the NDC at the same time.

Our company has prospered through reinvestment in manufacturing and distribution. In 1979, Rx Systems, Inc. was created with the intent of providing a one-stop-shop for pharmacy supplies. Our company now occupies over 180,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing and warehouse space, including sites in Longwood, FL, Hanover, PA, Richardson, TX, Gilbert, AZ, and our main facility in St. Charles, MO. The success of our company began with a simple slogan that still holds true today, "Customer Service is Our Business."

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