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Micro Merchant Systems | PrimeRx Pharmacy Management System [Video]


Company Background

 Micro Merchant Systems is a market leader in the pharmacy software industry with our PrimeRx™ Pharmacy Management Systems installed in 3,000 pharmacies nationwide. With 30 years of experience, we understand the changing dynamics of the pharmacy system industry and the critical role that technology plays in helping pharmacists to provide care to the patients and communities they serve. 

Product Overview 

PrimeRx™ Pharmacy Management System is a user-friendly and flexible platform that offers a complete suite of tools to meet your pharmacy’s specific needs. PrimeRx™ stands apart in the pharmacy software category as an intelligent, comprehensive management solution for retail, long-term care, mail order, telepharmacy, clinic/physician officebased pharmacy, specialty pharmacy, compounding, 340B, and hospital outpatient pharmacy. From single-site to multiple pharmacy store ownerships with custom workflows and a complete automated fill, bill, and communication processes, PrimeRx™ serves as the processing center for all workflows and enhances the pharmacies overall productivity with tools to simplify the management of patient and provider intakes, claims to process, dispensing and labeling of prescriptions, and inventory management. PrimeRx is your total pharmacy solution. 

Features & Options

 PrimeRx™ Pharmacy Management System Provides: 

• Freedom to define your workflow. 

• Completely automated (turnkey) refill management system for improved patient adherence. 

• Refill Compliance Dashboard: Send refills due, refill requests, monitor missed refills and refill gaps, all from one easy-tounderstand refill compliance dashboard. 

• Automatically updates true cost from EDI files received from a wholesaler(s). 

• Intelligent ERx technology to help efficiently process incoming electronic prescriptions. 

• Return to Stock Queue: Prescriptions not picked up are flagged and updated back into inventory. • RxSync™: Sync all refills to one date. 

• Clinical Assessment Module: Captures clinical data and creates custom care plans. 

• Business Analytics: Gathers actionable intelligence from your data to help grow your business. • Optimize profits utilizing adherence features. 

• Patient medication adherence reports that contribute to pharmacy star ratings. 

Additional Product Lines 

Add These Additional Prime Branded Products to Enhance Your PrimeRx™ Pharmacy Management System 

• PrimePOS™ (Point of Sale) built for quick and precise customer check-outs. Inventory management with complete EDI integration with wholesalers to control and automate the ordering process. 

• PrimeESC™ (Electronic Signature Capture) scan and link patient’s signature to patient records in the PrimeRx™ system for HIPAA signature compliance. 

• PrimeDMS™ (Document Management System) utilizes Windows compatible scanners to record documents into the PrimeRx™ system for secure and easy access. 

• PrimeDELIVERY™ (Delivery Module) allowing pharmacies to manage prescriptions generated in the PrimeRx™ system for delivery and copay collection. 

• PrimeWEB™ (Web Portal) an optimization tool that connects patients, doctors, health facilities, and pharmacies.

 • PrimeCENTRAL™ (Web Portal for Multiple Store Owners) a central hub to manage your network of pharmacies. 

• PrimeCOMM™ (Communications Module) a secure two-way calling, SMS/TXT, and email solution. 

• Sfax provides a HIPAA compliant, inbound and outbound fax integration, and report writer. 

Markets Served 

We serve independent pharmacies, retail pharmacies, specialty pharmacies, compounding pharmacies, long-term care pharmacies, closed door pharmacies, mail order pharmacies, 340B pharmacies, hospital/outpatient pharmacies, and physician office pharmacies. 

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