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ScriptPro Robotics

ScriptPro’s Robotic Prescription Dispensing Systems

ScriptPro designs systems with various size and configuration options that offer flexibility and maximum scalability.

ScriptPro installed the retail pharmacy industry’s first truly hands-free robotic dispensing automation in 1997.

Those first systems are still working and filling prescriptions after 15 years because ScriptPro guarantees support for 10+ years. Improvements to ScriptPro robots are retrofittable, so you won’t be stuck with an obsolete system.

No matter what your prescription volume is, or the size of your pharmacy, we have a robotic solution for you.
-Lower your cost to dispense.
-Free your staff for other productive business.
-Simple cell calibration

SP Central Workflow + Robot
By implementing a ScriptPro Robot + SP Central Workflow System, your pharmacy will track and dispense 100% of your prescriptions with the highest level of accuracy, efficiency, and personalized service to customers.

SP Central Pharmacy Management Systems
Customers ranked ScriptPro’s SP Central PMS #1 in the category of Software Solutions — Pharmacy — Outpatient (Retail) in the “2012 Best in KLAS Awards: Software & Services” report.
Additional Automation Products from ScriptPro.
-Telepharmacy for communities.
-Telepharmacy for Sterile Room Medication Preparation.
-Pharmacy Services Portal.
-ScriptPro Inventory Management.

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