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Supplying Service and Standards - Fagron Sterile Services

One thing the patient never wants to hear is that their medication is not available. Therefore, having sterile pharmaceutical compound and medication in stock support various patient needs and meet the expectations of clinicians and pharmacists. It also means having a forward-thinking pharmaceutical supplier that achieves operational excellence by high fulfillment and turnaround times.

Fagron Sterile Services (FSS) possesses a 97 percent same-day fill rate on orders placed before cutoff times. Their ability to deliver increases the credibility of their customers, which entails more than 7,300 hospitals, surgery centers, and clinics, and physician offices. Their trustworthiness also results from being one of the first 503Bs in the country to register with the FDA and years of adhering to safety and efficiency standards for 503B FDA registered Outsourcing Facilities compounding sterile preparations (CSPs).


FSS's secret ingredient is their foresight into ready-to-use medications and innovative therapy delivery methods. Inventiveness is the value that is practiced by the staff of over 200 pharmacists and 20 researchers who pioneer solutions to clinical challenges. 

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