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Pharmacy Compounding Automation - Vitae Industries

Vitae Industries 

Pharmacy Compounding Automation 

The AutoCompounder

Effortless compounding through innovative automation

Skip the tedious part of the compounding process with the push of a button. The AutoCompounder takes care of making the desired final dosage forms, while allowing your staff more time to service your customers. With Vitae, you will look forward to making gummies, lozenges and tablets and feel like you have an extra technician available around the clock

How it Works

 Prepare the Compound - Mix the drug (API) with dosage form-specific inactive ingredients according to our vetted formulas.

 Fill and Insert the Cartridge - Fill our cartridges with the compound and clip it into the AutoCompounder.

 ● Make Dosages - Enter drug, strength(s) and quantity. Click start and walk away.




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