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Announcement | CORE Higher Education Group Welcomes 11 new Pharmacy Schools in 2019!

As the new year begins, CORE wanted to share some exciting milestones we celebrated this past year:

End of Year Review - Infographic - Pharmacy Leads.png

11 pharmacy schools switched to CORE in 2019
We are excited to welcome these 11 schools to the CORE family as we transition them from their previous experiential learning management software over to CORE ELMS

83 total pharmacy schools are using CORE at the start of 2020
Our 11 new pharmacy schools join our existing client pharmacy base to create a total of 83 pharmacy schools trusting CORE to manage their experiential education processes. 

100% customer retention rate among existing pharmacy customers in 2019
CORE continues to maintain a 100% retention rate among all of our pharmacy schools. 

The McCreadie Group announced the transition of all PharmAcademic clients to CORE
After 10 years of supporting pharmacy educators, PharmAcademic's experiential management software will be discontinued and all pharmacy schools clients will be transitioned over to CORE in 2020. 

We're proud to continue serving our clients with the leading experiential learning management software in 2020! 


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CORE Higher Education Group provides experiential education software to over 100 pharmacy schools across the country. The CORE Technology Suite supports every piece of the experiential education process for administrators, students, and preceptors. Founded in 2006, CORE's technology applications have grown to accommodate the experiential learning, student competency assessment, workforce readiness, and digital portfolio needs of more than 250 programs at over 150 colleges and universities. 

Visit the CORE website to learn more:


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