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Announcement | Survey feedback shows more pharmacy schools are considering CORE to manage their experiential learning process

At the start of the new year, many schools know it's the perfect time to review options for experiential learning management software. 

Based on survey feedback, pharmacy schools who have implemented CORE love that we:

- Offer unlimited, one-on-one client support at no additional cost
- Manage all data transition and account setup during your implementation so that your team does none of the heavy lifting
- Offer multi-program discounts to schools that use CORE for more than one program
- Regularly review client requests and use customer feedback to prioritize which feature updates are made
- Are experts in the pharmacy education field, with multiple pharmacists on our team and a staff who has been working with pharmacy programs for over 14 years. 

Learn more about managing your experiential learning management program with CORE! 

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CORE Higher Education Group provides experiential education software to over 100 pharmacy schools across the country. The CORE Technology Suite supports every piece of the experiential education process for administrators, students, and preceptors. Founded in 2006, CORE's technology applications have grown to accommodate the experiential learning, student competency assessment, workforce readiness, and digital portfolio needs of more than 250 programs at over 150 colleges and universities. 

Visit the CORE website to learn more:


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