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Setting the Standard; Achieving Excellence - The Compliance Team

Is it possible to deliver affordable, high-quality healthcare? Can a healthcare organization simplify the complexities found in its operations? And can leaders implement an accreditation program that does not change what's already working? Yes, to all these strategic imperatives with Exemplary Provider Accreditation® offered by The Compliance Team (TCT).

TCT's Safety-Honesty-Caring® quality assurance methods represent healthcare's first "operations-based" accreditation process that simplifies accreditation by standardizing day-to-day patient care reporting practices. One-on-one mentoring and healthcare's first plain-language service-specific quality standards combine with hundreds of value-added extras that result in a scalable accreditation validation process.


Pharmacies ranging from rural stores to telepharmacy can earn Exemplary Provider® accredited status by The Compliance Team. Achieving this status reflects a standard of excellence and demonstrates continuous improvement in quality for customers and patients. 

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