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The Tool to Reduce Risk - Protenus

Leaders at health systems have a never-ending list of worries, and some on that listing can do grave harm to reputation if those concerns are not addressed. Many of those vulnerabilities that need attention include securing patient privacy, the pharmaceutical supply, and operational and financial data. The statistics show that these worries are warranted because of the growing prevalence in healthcare settings. 

The 2020 Breach Barometer showed 572 reported incidents where more than 41 million patient records were breached. The Drug Diversion Digest of 2019 indicated that more than $454 million worth of drugs were lost. 

The hospital's compliance team also has to worry about too many false positives causing even more burden for the hospital privacy, security, and drug diversion teams. The reliability and consistency they must have in surveillance operations come by having the number one healthcare compliance analytics platform by Protenus. 


Protenus' artificial intelligence powers the platform enables to deliver high-quality care, patient privacy, and accurate documentation of patient records and controlled substances while reducing risk across your organization.

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