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Seeing the Whole Picture with HelioMetrics

Helio refers to the sun, and when you have sunshine, your view is illuminated. Having a clear line of sight produces a precise picture. HelioMetrics takes after the sun—it shines a spotlight into your organization to mitigate risk. Their platform offers health leaders a comprehensive interactive visualization fortified with the intelligence to identify diversion and to determine employee compliance with medication.

The metrics portion of HelioMetrics stems from applying logs from Electronic Health Record Systems (EHRs), using automated dispensing cabinets (ADCs), and integrating pharmacy and I.T. Systems data that produces actionable intelligence to protect your healthcare organization. More so, their proprietary Diversion Triangulation™ methodology, along with behavior analytics and Augmented Intelligence (A.I.), gives healthcare systems and pharmacies a closed-loop process.


HelioMetrics is not your typical healthcare software company because of their added expertise in computer forensics and data breach investigations. This is a team that can quickly answer questions about what happened and when. They give you the who and how to stop it from happening again. 

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