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Using the Cactus Smart Sink System

Using the Cactus Smart Sink System


The battery powered Cactus Smart Sink System conveniently mounts on a wall or countertop in minutes and can be used anywhere medications are dispensed or administered by healthcare professionals. The innovative controlled substance waste disposal system accepts unused pharmaceuticals in both liquid and solid forms, including patches. It incorporates two types of cartridges, one for liquid waste and one for solid waste. Both cartridges have the ability to render the remaining portions of controlled substance waste into an unrecoverable and unusable form and securely store them until they can be disposed of per regulatory guidelines.

The Cactus Smart Sink System is designed to accept raw liquid pharmaceuticals directly from syringes, vials or IV bags. It also features a one-way funnel that accepts tablets, capsules and patches. The Cactus Smart Sink System includes audible alerts and alert lights to notify staff when the cartridges are full, have expired or when the unit has been accessed. The system cannot be removed from the security bracket without the key and does not accept sharps, vials and/or IV bags. 


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