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Contamination Control in the COVID-19 Era

Contamination Control in the COVID-19 Era


The use of disinfectants and sanitizing pre-wet wipes has become predominant in all aspects of industrial, medical, and consumer applications. Manufacturers are working hard to increase their production capacity and respond to the now much larger market for these products. In effort to better meet the increased demand for our TekniSat wet wipes, Teknipure has been expanding as well. We expect this growth to be long term as people will be cleaning more surfaces more frequently in their efforts to protect employees and facilities from exposure to COVID-19.

Additionally, we have expanded our product offerings with new hardware and mopping system options. Disposable mops are becoming more widely embraced, as innovation has led to many improvements in performance, ergonomics of use, and flexibility in the types of surfaces they can effectively clean.

Many of our clients know Teknipure as their wiper supplier, but we have been expanding our TekniMop product offering (both TekniMop CR and TekniMop CE) with growing success.

Recently, we began producing pre-saturated mopheads, which arrive to you ready for use. We offer several configurations in pocket mop or the hook & loop attachment, as well as either knit or woven microfiber substrates. In this time of heightened cleaning and awareness, these are quite popular, and they provide ultimate consistency and control. Please contact Teknipure with any questions on product selection. Thank you for your continued support!

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