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Opening for Business Today! HA-TOPSHELF.

Opening for business today! HA-TOPSHELF. Come on in.


HYALURONAN and Joint and Life Support 
-Dietary Supplement-

Suggested Use: 
-For Horses: One ounce is one pump per day. For starting dose or event (extended trail ride, show or intensive training), double the dose for the first week.
-For Humans: One tablespoon daily—double the dose for a week to begin supplementation.
-For Medium Dogs: Two teaspoons per day to start—double the dose for the first week.
-For Small Dogs or Cats: One teaspoon per day—double the dose to start for one week.


Become A Reseller

We all are looking for VALUE in how we spend our time and our money especially when it comes to our health and our families. It can be difficult to sort out the hype and advertising so we often rely on the people and information we trust to help us make decisions. If people are already clients they will look to you, a familiar voice of reason to guide them toward value-based products that have the best combination of realized benefits and the least side effects for the best price.

Offering a valuable product, especially one that many are not familiar with, provides the opportunity to develop a new customer base with provided marketing materials.


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