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A System that Advances your Pharmacy - AdvanceNet Health Solutions

The business of pharmacy is bursting with new models making this already intricate industry more complicated. On top of that, the various business models, including retail, electronic prescribing, mail order, long-term care, veterinary, and central fill each have unique workflows and fulfillment requirements. 

Managing all these configurations cause inefficiencies, creating a need for an enterprise solution. A pharmacy's mission advances by a customizable platform that keeps up with business growth and an ever-evolving pharmacy market.


Since 2001, AdvanceNet Health Solutions built a strong record developing technology that facilitates higher fulfillment volumes, enhances patient care, and increases profitably. Specifically, their ePostRx™ Enterprise Pharmacy Management Software offers pharmacies the only single-source, end-to-end, centralized enterprise solution supporting all electronic SCRIPT, prescription management, and prescription dispensing requirements. 

Success in one of the most regulated industries is achieved by an ePostRx™ system and its ability to suit your specific business needs and workflows. 

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