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The Days of Bad Tasting Medicine are Over with Beutlich Pharmaceuticals

The sensation of pain can range from the body protecting itself from harm or receiving an acute injury. Goals of medical pain management are to make pain go away safely and make it effortless to take.

To ensure safety and satisfaction, Beutlich Pharmaceuticals practices the five rights to protect the patient. They include confirming the right drug, right patient, right dose, right route, and the right time. This manta has worked for Beutlich Pharmaceuticals since 1954. They made their mark with the family of HurriCaine® Topical Anesthetics, which remains the quality choice in the dental marketplace.


Beutlich Pharmaceuticals takes their legacy to a new level by revolutionizing the way you take medicine. Everyone remembers the time you took medicine and gagged because you couldn't swallow it. Their MEDCOAT® covers pills and capsules that eliminate the bad taste of any medicine. The coating stimulates saliva production aiding in the swallowing process. MEDCOAT allows doctors to prescribe the pill version of a patient's medication rather than the liquid form, which is often bad tasting and dosed improperly.  

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