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The Gold Standard in Healthcare Purchasing - EzriRx

When pharmacists can compare pricing on more than 65,000 Rx, OTC, HBA, med-surg, and pet supplies from licensed wholesalers, they save time and money. Pharmacists also do not need to search for individual wholesaler sites and then dig for prices. Instead, they look at just one platform to get the price they want.

More than 3,000 healthcare providers, including pharmacies, hospitals, long-term care facilities, are saving on negative reimbursements and increasing profits. These providers are not paying a fee because that comes from the wholesaler, which EzriRx vets for reliability.


EzriRx has developed Rx Marketplace Platform that changed how pharmacist purchase products, track balances, pay invoices, and manage documentation. To exceed the pharmacists' expectations, EzriRx developers designed the platform to address pain points, offer flexible tools, and make purchasing intuitive.

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