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The Importance of How - Rx Destroyer

At some point during the day, healthcare and correctional facilities destroy pills, capsules, tablets, liquids, lozenges, transdermal patches, fentanyl lollipops, suppositories, liquids, and syringe injectables, and more. However, the bigger point is the "how" a facility destroys all these types of drugs in a trusted, safe, and compliant way.

Properly disposing of controlled substances prevents drug diversion and inappropriate use as well as contamination of soil and water supplies. A fast-acting formula makes for a better end-user experience by quickly dissolving and rendering pharmaceuticals non-retrievable.

Working closely with technicians in the hospital, nursing, and pharmaceutical industry, Rx Destroyer™ has patented a formula that provides safe, easy, and affordable medical waste solutions. There is no need to add water, no flammable powders, and no batteries required. 

Rx Destroyer™ comes in a range of sizes to serve any environment or budget. All products meet DEA and EPA regulations for drug disposal compliance made easy.

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